Capabilities / Conserving, managing, and enhancing the natural environment is at the very heart of our social enterprise. We bring together a wide range of experience, whether it is for large complex briefs or small discrete projects. 

Environmental Consultancy / Our approach is to share our knowledge and expertise with project developers, ensuring that they not only fulfil legal duties towards the natural environment but also that they do so in a way that brings positive benefits to people and wildlife.

Environmental Project Management / Providing services to national and local initiatives involving a wide variety of stakeholders from the private, public and voluntary sectors. Our input ensures projects succeed and provide tangible outcomes for wildlife and people. 


  • Project Design and Planning

  • Grant writing for Funding Applications

  • Project Management

  • Project Monitoring

Wine Farm


Improve your  messaging and process, and engage with growth capital providers. 

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Wetlands and Floodplains

Access new investment opportunities in the  Regenerative Farming, Land Regeneration, Regenerated Soil Carbon Capture markets.

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Acquire a roadmap to manage risks and invest in the market.

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